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Why choose us?

Would it be too forward of us to say because there's no reason not to?

Why choose us?

Your audiences want to have a great experience and we can help you to provide it.

Our business was born and came to age in the extremely demanding world of luxury 5 star hotels, where any deviation from the very best is below standard.  We see no reason why these same exceptionally high quality standards should not be applied to stadia and events venues.  

That's why we give every client an exhaustive and independent audit of every aspect of our service delivery every quarter.

Whether it's cleaning the bowl or giving hospitality a five star makeover, Casna has the experience and team to make it happen, on time and to uncompromising levels of quality.  

We recognise that your business is fast paced and events driven so our site managers are trained to expect the unexpected and empowered to make decisions. Our advance planning is meticulous and our critical path approach to delivery is designed to eliminate risk in each and every situation. 

Our simple promise (over and above doing the best cleaning job possible) is to work in true partnership with you in an open and transparent way. We pride ourselves on our reliability and our integrity, and we welcome being put to the test. 

Test us now. Call us and see what we can do for you.