Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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What We Do

Some companies have a trumpet to blow. We have a whole brass section.

What We Do

What we do is clean.

Extremely well.

We clean front and back of house in hotels, we clean sports stadia and events venues, we clean offices, we clean bedrooms … in fact, we clean any building or property that combines a large footfall with exacting cleaning standards. 

You can read about the types of venues we clean in the “Who We Are (Scope of Services)” section. In this section you can discover how it is we deliver  a five star service 24 hours  a day, 365 days a year.

It’s fair to say cleaning is not rocket science, but cleaning to the standard we demand with 100% consistency day in, day out isn’t far off. It takes planning, excellent management, superb training and total commitment.

We train and retrain our staff continuously so their skills and standards are always up to the mark. For those with ambition, our Leadership Academy offers a development route right through to management. 

We choose our partners carefully; to be sure they can offer the same levels of quality service and reliability that we need in place to provide a world class service to you.

So with all this at our disposal, we don't just look at what your requirement is when we are tendering for business. We concentrate on how we can do the best job possible, and exceed your every expectation.

If you choose Casna you won't just notice the difference in cleaning quality. You'll also discover an unprecedented level of transparency and partnership.

Sparing no blushes we believe we clean to a standard well beyond most people expectations. So why not meet us at one of our client sites and see for yourself?