Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.


If you want to work for us, read this first.

You don’t have to have experience. We can teach people how to clean. We can teach people how to manage teams.  We can teach people all about chemicals and risk and health and safety. We can teach people about customer service and we can teach people about being world class. 

But the most important things to us is that we are teaching the right people… people who will fit in with Casna and help us be world-class

So you do have to have the right attitude.

That’s not the bad sulky sort of attitude – it’s the ‘hey yes that sounds like something I can do’ sort of attitude.

Still with me?

In that case, here are the other things we will be looking for…

Personality – We like our clients and we want them to like us  too – so we always serve with a smile.

Pride –  Pride in yourself and pride in your job. It's because we want you to be proud that we give you smart uniforms to wear and we train you properly. 

Language skills  –  you don’t need to be English but you do have to  be able to speak it reasonably well. By the way, we do provide English lessons.

Honesty  –  we demand 100% trust-worthiness.  

If you have  all of these qualities... apply to Casna today. We may have just the opportunity you are looking for.

We believe in developing and promoting our people and several of our current managers began as cleaning operatives with us. We promise that if you are one of those people who want to get on, the opportunity will be there for you. But if you are happy doing a good job and don't like the idea of managing, that's fine by us too. All we want is that you do your best, and we deliver a world class service to our clients. 

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