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As Kermit the Frog says "it's not easy being green".


Sustainability is something we all have to think about now. It’s not just a buzz word, it’s about the future of the planet.

At Casna we have always tried to adopt sustainable practises but in recent years we have made a quantum leap in our commitment. We have actually created a contractual sustainability promise for our clients by combining our historical experience with learnings from London 2012.

We've only been able to do this because we have the ex-Olympics cleaning guru Deborah Sackett.  (former Contract Manager Cleaning and Waste for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games) as our Director of Stadia & Events, Deborah is something of an acclaimed expert in this field and we have picked her brains quite shamelessly.

With the benefit of her expert knowledge, we have created a best practice template, which we now apply to every client site. It’s an exacting environmental framework containing a wide number of specific sustainability measures which means, you can take it as granted that we will do everything we can to prevent pollution and preserve resources on your behalf.

For every site we will:

o    Where possible,  operate a zone cleaning policy (so that power to each zone is only switched on for minimum time periods).

o    Find ways to reduce chemical use and spend time sourcing ethical products (We use minimal chemicals and ensure all cleaning products used at all sites are eco-friendly. In some marble restoration work for example, we've adopted the latest available technology, which uses only water). 

o    Procure products and services with environmental, social and ethical issues in mind (all new sustainable products and technologies are reviewed by us as soon as they come onto the market).

o    Maximise  technology use, focus on recycling and aim to deliver zero waste to landfill overall.

For larger sites, specifically stadia and events venues, we will create a bespoke sustainability plan during the pre-contract implementation period ready for Day One. The plan is designed to be compatible with any current sustainability practices and limitations within a client site so that we always get the best outcome for everyone, and it is accompanied by an audit methodology that will generate quantitative date on sustainability performance, rather than a subjective opinion.  

Sustainability areas covered within plans for large sites will include:

o    Operational Delivery

o    Zero Waste to Landfill

o    Chemicals & Consumables

o    Recycling & Reduction

o    Products & Materials

o    Machinery & Power

o    Energy Reduction

o    Technological Efficiencies

Back at our own offices we reinforce our commitment to your sustainability with our own green practices. By using innovation and technology to cut out inefficiencies we’ve reduced paper work overall by 68%. We’ve also reduced our level of atmospheric emissions by taking Toyota Prius as company cars, improved our waste management and reduced waste to landfill, and adopted automatic power saving devices.  

In summary, you can rely on us to be as green as possible. In fact, sustainability is one of the key measures included in the Casna audit we provide free and regularly for every client.

If  sustainability is high on your list of priorities talk to Casna now.