Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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We've taken a leaf out of the Olympics book (and planted a tree in return).


We already had sustainability experience in hotels but bringing the former Head of Contracts Cleaning & Waste for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on board has given us a new level of expertise.

With privileged access to the learnings from London 2012 via Deborah, Casna has been able to create an exacting environmental framework with a wide number of specific sustainability measures, now applied to every client site.

You ran relax in the security of knowing that we will do everything we can to prevent pollution and preserve resources at your venue.

Some examples include:

  • When planning cleaning operations for large venues, we plan the process in zones so that power to each zone is only switched on for minimum time periods.
  • We use minimal chemicals and ensure all cleaning products used at all sites are eco-friendly. In some marble restoration work for example, we've adopted the latest available technology, which uses only water. 
  • The ultimate aim to produce zero waste to landfill and offer consultancy to our clients in this area, drawing on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games experience.
  • We always procure products and services with environmental, social and ethical issues in mind. All new sustainable products and technologies are reviewed by us as soon as they come onto the market

To make sure we are up to the mark we will benchmark and then audit your site sustainability, tracking progress on an ongoing basis.

Back at our own offices we reinforce our commitment to your sustainability with our own green practices.

By using innovation and technology to cut out inefficiencies we’ve reduced paper work overall by 68%. We’ve also reduced our level of atmospheric emissions by taking Toyota Prius as company cars, improved our waste management and reduced waste to landfill, and adopted automatic power saving devices.  

So if sustainability is high on your list of priorities talk to Casna now.