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Stadia & Events

We have the woman who masterminded cleaning the Olympics heading this division. That's all I'm saying....

Stadia & Events

Your audiences want to have a great experience and we can help you to provide it.

Some time ago we came up with the idea that idea that stadia and events venues could and should get the same level of cleaning quality as a 5-star hotel – with absolutely no deviation from excellence. It was and still is an unusual idea but we think you deserve it..

We provide the full range of services to stadia and events, including all back of house areas and the public concourses. This includes media areas, hospitality areas, changing rooms, gyms, boxes, meetings rooms, administrative offices, the auditoria or performance bowl, toilet facilities green rooms or athlete areas, foyers, car parks, concourses, cafes, restaurants, bars, and any other parts of the venue.

So, whether it's cleaning the bowl or giving hospitality a five-star makeover, you know that Casna has the experience and team to make it happen. On time and with an uncompromising commitment to quality.

For all event days cleaning is divided into pre, during and post-event. Pre-event, all open areas including car parks, walkways and concourses are checked and litter-picked ready for gate opening. Stadia and stands are thoroughly checked and re-cleaned if necessary, toilet areas and rest areas are cleaned and fully stocked; hospitality areas are cleaned (and then re-cleaned when the hospitality staff leave). We plan for every area to exceed the expectations of your public, including your VIP guests.

During the event ‘Clean Teams' re-clean key areas of the venue whilst the event is in progress. This includes servicing the toilets and cleaning both the concourses and food service areas. Bins are emptied end re-lined, all cars parks and walkways are monitored and cleaned, and cleaning staff are on call for all back of house needs.

Post-event all stands/auditoria and public areas are completely cleaned, and waste taken to the compound. Within hours of the event, the entire complex will be entirely clean and ready for re-use.

Transferring is easy. Casna will prepare a full pre-contract mobilisation, which enables us to take over new sites swiftly and efficiently. With a complete shadow team on standby ready to step in at a moment’s notice Casna provides a zero-risk takeover. In practice, mobilisation can and has been achieved in as little as 14 days including an intensive pre-cleaning programme to bring the venue up to scratch. In fact, when we took on responsibility for Allianz Park, the brand-new stadium for Saracens, it was still a construction site, but we still completed mobilisation in just one week.

If you are looking for a complete solution with unprecedented quality built-in, talk to us now.

Sustainability practice is embedded. There's nothing Deborah Sackett, our Head of the Stadia & Events Division, doesn't know about large-scale delivery of cleaning, waste or sustainability. As the Contract Manager Cleaning and Waste for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games she practically wrote the rule book and now she applies her expertise to Casna’s clients,

During the pre-contract implementation period we create a bespoke sustainability plan for each client ready for Day One. It is accompanied by an audit methodology that will generate quantitative date on sustainability performance (rather than a subjective opinion) and designed to be compatible with any current sustainability practices and limitations within your site. The result? We always get the best outcome for everyone.

To deliver this exceptional new service to stadia & event owners, Deborah is supported by a robust management team of Regional/Area Managers, Site Managers and Supervisors.

We recognise that your business is fast-paced and events driven so our site managers are trained to expect the unexpected and empowered to make decisions. Our advance planning is meticulous and our critical path approach to delivery is designed to eliminate risk in each and every situation.

Every operative in your team is hand-picked from Casna’s pool of tried and tested staff to provide the blend of expertise required, and pre-trained on and off site so they are effective day one. Then there’s the professional support network which includes an Operations Support Team operational 24/7, advanced technology solutions and an excellent team of HR and Training experts.

Standards never slip because we monitor them continuously, then give every client an exhaustive and independent audit of every aspect of our service delivery every quarter. All this explains how Casna is fast redefining the gold standard for cleaning stadia & events.

Find out why so many sports and events venues have opted for Casna. Call us now for a chat and find out what we can do for you too.