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Specialist Cleaning

That's cleaning by specialists not cleaning of them. Although that could be arranged too. 

Specialist Cleaning

There is an argument to say cleaning is cleaning and we certainly agree that good people with reasonable equipment should be able to return a clean environment to you every morning without too much difficulty.

But it wouldn't be world class, and that's the difference that Casna strives to produce.

We produce this difference through the quality of our training, our equipment and our managers. 

We still choose our operatives very carefully, looking out for people who enjoy working hard and have a really good attitude, but that is just the beginning. 

We then seek out the best possible equipment for them, with functionality, efficiency and sustainability at the top of the shopping list.

We then train them. This is far more than the basic cleaning techniques, chemical handling and health and safety training most companies offer - we have our own Leadership Academy, which gives progression opportunities all the way through the organization. Each and every staff member has a personalised development plan which offers a minimum of 2 years continuous training from the moment they join.

Staff who want to specialise - and we have a lot of them - attend external professional courses so they are able to offer our clients the very best and latest in service ...  we currently have dozens of staff who are the most highly respected in their specialist cleaning fields like marble restoration, floor works and spas.

And finally, we make sure we manage both staff and operations well.  We have a comprehensive network of site, area and support managers and we provide extremely comprehensive back-up and support services, 24 hours a day 365 days a year so nothing can ever become an extended problem. 

Other cleaning companies may clean but Casna offers you something more. 

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