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Site Teams

It takes a lot to produce great teamwork. Starting with great team members. Which we have in abundance. Yay! 



Site Teams

It’s all about teams when it comes to our people. We think in teams, we work in teams, we deliver in teams. At Head Office we have the Resourcing and Operations Management Team. They work closely with the Operations Executives, the Senior Management Team and our clients to make sure our onsite teams have exactly the support they need to deliver the best possible service.

Then we have individual teams dedicated to client sites. According to the size and complexity of the cleaning account these can be a small supervisor-led team or a large and complex team with multiple supervisor-led units and managed by a Site Manager. Some teams, overseen by Day Contracts Manageers, operate during the day. Others, led by our Night Area Managers work overnight and some come together for specific tasks or events such as a commissioned deep-clean or a major sports fixture.

You can meet some of our team leaders below – just click on a photo to see who they are and what they do for Casna’s clients.