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Senior Team

Out, about, always busy. In this business you can't be a good manager glued to your desk. Meet the senior management team...

Senior Team

Casna's Senior Management Team is a force to be reckoned with.

Each member is a specialist in their field with years of experience and knowledge behind them. That knowledge base gets shared and applied to every part of the business in a process of continuous improvement. The team leads from the front, the back and the sides too.

These are not people who believe in sitting in a shiny executive tower while everyone else gets their hands dirty. Oh no, they are out and about every day, liaising with clients and conferring with Operations  Management to make sure the 5 star service promise is being kept.   They are developing new service delivery models and finding ways to keep raising standards. They are actively involved with staff motivation and leadership programmes.

It’s all about performance and boy do they believe in performing. Meet them here.