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Richard Grazette

Mega-manly Richard ..who wil henceforth be called by the affectionate moniker of "petal". But never to his face!

All about me

As Back of House Contract Manager Richard is a vital interface between Casna and our clients. Aided and assisted by his extensive team of on site managers he makes sure that all the Back of House operations run smoothly and isn't above presenting the odd bunch of flowers here and there.

He is a bit of a social butterfly in his spare time (notice the floral theme here), what with entertaining. going out to dinner,  trips to the cinema and so on. But just in case that makes him sound a bit girlie, you should also know that he's an avid football fan. Which is why every satisfied client call that comes into the office (and there's a lot of those) is greeted by the shout "Ooh,back of the net!" as he mimes the winning kick in last year's Cup Final.