Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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Quality first, last, always.

A small reflection on what we offer.

Quality first, last, always.

Casna has established a reputation for the excellence and reliability of its services. We are reknowned for the excellence of our managers, the quality of our staff and our commitment to our clients.

Quality is embedded into every aspect of our company, including our people and the wide range of cleaning services we provide.

Our Senior Management Team is always out on site, meeting with clients and checking that our standards contuse to deserve the description of world class.  

Our Operational Support Team is active 24/7, servicing the teams and managers on site, 365 days a year.

Latest technology innovations are adopted wherever these can show improved service -  like the e-clean system, which empowers our managers to make instant decisions on site.

To grow our best people we have instituted a Casna Leadership Academy, providing a progressive training route for all professional development.

To protect the planet we have created a framework of sustainability, which is used for all our purchasing, partnerships and practices.

And we audit every aspect of our service delivery on every client site. Constantly.