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Premium Quality Cleaning Services

It's just another way of saying we offer something special.

Premium Quality Cleaning Services

Founded in 1989, Casna provides quality cleaning services to the premium hospitality, event and leisure industries.

We believe in providing a world class service as close to cleaning perfection as possible. 

Our client portfolio is composed of high profile establishments who need and demand the very best – and we provide it. 

We never take our performance for granted and constantly look to improve by continuing to invest in service improvements, better products and staff training.

Ultimately we believe that the strength of our management team is what really makes the difference to the quality of service we offer. Combined with the excellence of our 24/7 support services they empower the teams on the ground to do a really good job.  Which is really what it's all about.

Then there’s the Casna Audit included in every service contract. This audits every aspect of our service delivery on every client site in a detailed and objective quarterly report.

After all, if you don't measure performance how can you prove that you're the best?