Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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Penguins. Everyone loves penguins. Admit it. Isn't that better than a picture of a handshake? 


We’ve learned a lot from penguins. Successful penguin colonies are functional, adaptable and united in purpose, and that’s how we choose our partners.

Bottom line, our partners have to be 100% reliable and share our ethos. That’s means they have to have quality, integrity, transparency and reliability embedded through their company, products and services. Our benchmark – “as near to perfection as possible” - has to become their benchmark.

Our carefully selected equipment partners are there because the equipment is top of the range and supremely reliable, meaning we can give our clients the uninterrupted service they want.

Our product suppliers are chosen because they are ethically sound and sustainably proven, matching our own ethical concerns and standards.

Our partnerships with organisations like SAFAS are designed to keep us up to the mark too - their regular and independent audits of our services ensure we continue to set the quality bar for the industry.

And we have many long-standing partnerships with the wider hospitality industry. As well as being members of BICs we are title sponsor for Hotelier of the Year, we sponsor Springboard and the Savoy Mentoring Scheme, and we have numerous other charity ties under our belt. We are proud to be aligned with our partners and we like to think they are proud to be aligned with us.

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