Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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Penguins. We like penguins. We like people who like penguins. 


A good partnership relies on trust and we trust our partners100%.

Which means you can too.

We need equipment that’s top of the range and we need to know it’s always operational so we can give uninterrupted service to our clients. To do this, we have a number of key partnerships with equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

We also need products that are ethically sound and sustainably proven, so we make sure our suppliers share our ethical concerns and standards. 

Then we have partnerships with companies specifically designed to keep us up to the mark - our partnership with SAFAS requires them to regularly and independently audit the service we provide so we can continue to setting benchmarks for the industry.

Essentially we require our partners to complement the Casna brand, so we are looking for quality, integrity, transparency and reliability.

In terms of quality, any deviation from first class is unacceptable so we require our partners’ benchmark to be the same as ours - as near to perfection as possible. 

Our opinion on integrity is that it's vital - we are proud to be trustworthy and we expect our partners to be too.

Our transparent way of working with clients is replicated in our relationships with partners and suppliers - nothing should be off limits or hidden.

And of course, we want reliability. It is 100% essential to providing a world class service.

When we promise to be there for the unexpected as well as the anticipated, we promise to bring the full support of our partners with us.

Trust us.