Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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Obsessive Compulsive Casna

We eat, sleep and breathe cleaning.

We clean kitchens, bedrooms, front and back of house. We clean offices, sports stadia and events venues.

We are such perfectionists about cleaning that we now work in the majority of London’s most prestigious venues.

Attention to Detail

Keeping things perfectly ordered is crucial to us, so we deliver our five star service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We demand nothing less than 100% consistency day in, day out. Anything less than that, and you simply don't make it at Casna.

Of course we listen to our clients when they tell us what they need, but to be honest, we are just obsessive about what we do, so we aren’t really happy unless we exceed what people expect of us. Every time.

In that way, we’re not just obsessive about cleaning either, we are obsessive about partnership as well, about being the very best company to work with - transparent, communicative, proactive. 

Email to arrange a meeting and find out how our obsessions can make a difference to your business.

And, excuse us for saying, but your tie isn’t quite straight.