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Nick Appell

Nick Appell, a dedicated family man and aspiring helicopter pilot. Maybe some things in life shouldn't be juggled too much.

All about me

As Managing Director of Casna Group Nick has one simple ambition - that everything Casna does is worthy of the epithet "World-Class".  

Casna began as a small family company which prided itself on delivering a high quality, personal service.  

Today it has many hundreds of staff and a highly impressive list of prestigious and demanding clients, but the core values have not changed.

Casna works in partnership with our clients,  with a promise of integrity, transparency, quality and reliability. Nick personally makes sure that Casna people are well and continuously trained with all the tools they need to do the best job possible, and that good service is rewarded.

As a result Nick can proudly claim that many of Casna clients (who are amongst the most demanding in the hospitality and leisure industries) have been with Casna for over 15 years, and some more than 20.