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Margus Saareoks

In this job, a balanced outlook is vital. Say no more….

All about me

From Estonia to Casna via the USA, Margus is so multi-talented it’s actually a little bit scary. He has sung solo on national television (and no, we are not talking about the X-Factor thank you very much), speaks four languages and he’s a dab hand in the kitchen.

Professionally he has owned and managed his own businesses, been Executive Head Housekeeper of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London and Director of Housekeeping with The Shelbourn Renaissance in Dublin.

Now he is with Casna, managing the day and night hotel operations for our clients. In his time off he also enjoys bowling, home improvements, being with his two children, cooking, formula 1 and American Football … so that’s accuracy, dedication, passion, creativity and endurance at home as well as at work. An impressive balance we think.