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Quality Guarantees

Onwards and upwards. Always.

Quality Guarantees

We don’t just talk about quality, We guarantee it through a proactive, independent and continuous auditing system that covers every aspect of our service delivery and provides you with completely unedited and quantifiable results data.

It’s a true picture of performance.

Your audit, part of our core service, is tailored to your site requirements and covers every aspect of our service, from staff presentation, to cleaning standards and sustainability. The input data is extraordinarily comprehensive, including client feedback and our own audit measures plus results from the independent external auditing service SAFAS. The output data is critical and real-time: performance under 95% triggers an amber alert and anything under 86% is a red alert with an immediate rectification programme.

This is in addition to KPIs agreed in advance and delivered cost-free; and backed up by extra measures such as bio swabbing, electronic reporting and regular client meetings. And let’s not forget our ISO certifications.

Essentially, choosing the Casna brand, is choosing quality, transparency, reliability and integrity. Yes, we set our targets higher than our competitors. More importantly, we reach them too.