Redefining gold standards in cleaning

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A Leadership Company

Not just words but actions too. 'Follow through' is what we call it. 

A Leadership Company

Casna's goal is to be the ultimate benchmark for cleaning excellence.

To reach that - and we believe we do - everything about us has to be a cut above the average.

Our operations staff? You can tick that box. Our staff are trained and retrained continuously so their skills and standards are always up to the mark. And for those with ambition, they have a development route right through to management with the Leadership Academy.

Our supervisors and managers? They are extensively trained too. Our bespoke Personal Development & Leadership programme goes well beyond what is required or usual even for large scale cleaning companies.

Our processes? All our processes are both exhaustive and efficient. We review and update constantly to make sure we are well ahead of the game with no room for error.
Our partners? We select our partners carefully. Our suppliers are the best in the business - companies who share our ethical values, service standards and quality commitments.

Our friends? We are members of BICs and the British Hospitality Association and founder members of Springboard and the Savoy Mentoring Scheme. We have sponsored the Hotelier of the Year Competition for many years and undertake regular fundraising events for industry-connected charities.

Our promise? Our promise is to deliver the best.

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