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Hotels & Housekeeping

Every nook, every cranny, every corner. Five star cleaning comes as standard. 

Hotels & Housekeeping

Our portfolio of clients includes some of the most prestigious and demanding hotels in the world including The Dorchester, The Landmark London, The Four Seasons and The Sofitel, and we are also chosen by equally prestigious establishments like One Kensington Gardens and One Hyde Park. Some of our clients have been with us for circa 20 years and that's because we share their standards and values.

Like them we provide a service that aspires to be the best possible and is instantaneously available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Front of House

Keeping every detail as perfect as possible is our guiding principle because we know you only ever have one chance to make the best first impression.  It's a challenge but it's one that we meet day in, day out. The reason we succeed is because we work as part of your team and share your values. We never deviate from excellence, and always aim to provide a world-class service. Our front of house services provided by our smartly uniformed and highly trained staff cover every aspect of front of house cleaning. The service is flexible, thorough and reliable, giving you the security of Casna’s gold standard.

If your hotel deserves world class cleaning that won't let you down, contact Casna now.


Of all your cleaning staff, those in housekeeping are most likely to be in direct contact with your guests. How they perform and behave will directly affect the perception of your guests, which is why Casna trains its entire housekeeping staff through the Housekeeping Division of the Casna Academy. We provide professional housekeeping staff, available as and when you need them. You can rely on them totally for what we call the basics, like keeping a multitude of surfaces sparkling clean, the soft furnishings spotless, and each room immaculately tidy so it’s supremely welcoming and presented precisely to your specification.

But we've worked with 5 Star hotels long enough to known that what Housekeepers really want is people who perform above the average. So, as well as guaranteeing that our staff will turn up every day (which is rarer than a lot of people imagine) we also guarantee that they will be well trained , well turned out, reliable, articulate, committed and available at a moment’s notice. Did we mention, guaranteed?

We won't let you down. Try us and see for yourself.

Back of House

To us, quality of cleaning back of house is just as important as the guest areas. It makes the working environment safer and more pleasant for staff yes, but exceptional back of house hygiene standards are also integral to the success of your business.

All our back of house staff are trained through Casna's own Leadership Academy to ensure they have the technical and personal skills needed to do the best job possible. Specialist training in chemicals and equipment handling is mandatory for employees with additional training for employees working in food areas delivered through our partner SAFAS (The Safety Audit Scheme). To add an extra level of hygiene security Casna uses the latest bio-swabbing technology to conduct regular audits, which form part of the KPIs agreed with each client.

If you care about all parts of your cleaning operations, call us now.