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Corporate Responsibility

Yeats once said "Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." We are positively tip-toeing.

Corporate Responsibility

At Casna, we take our commitments to the wider community very seriously.

In the hospitality industry we support a number of social initiatives as a company and as individuals. In fact, our very own Nick “iron legs” Appell has trekked up Kilimanjaro, completed a North Pole marathon and most recently ran 7 marathons on seven days to help raise money for the causes Casna has sponsored.

Today we sponsor Training & Development through the Savoy Society and we are also Life Patrons of the Springboard Charity, which helps young people find sustainable employment or careers in hospitality leisure and tourism. Those who already have a thriving career might be interested to know we’ve sponsored the Hotelier of the Year Award for many years now too. Overseas, we sponsor Child Welfare through the International Childcare Trust.

In addition to our formal commitments to the wider world, we’d like it on record that we treat our staff well, encouraging personal and professional development for everyone in the company. Green principles and practices are applied to all of our operations (our own and our clients’) and we include sustainability as one of our key measurements.

All this doesn’t mean to say we can't and won't do more in the future, but it does mean we are making a real effort.