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Core Benefits

Core benefits, get it? Oh, never mind! Let’s just say that happy people do the best work, so we keep our employees as happy as we can. Check out the benefits below and see why working for Casna is an ideal job for you…

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Core Benefits

Flexible Working Hours

Casna works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we need people working day and night. You'll be working for us full time or part time, and we will try to accommodate your availability.

Paid Holidays and Other Daily Perks

As well as paid holiday time, you'll enjoy free meals at most client sites, and all our operatives have smart uniforms to wear at work.

Professional Training

Become the best. Every employee has regular skills training delivered through our training and development programme.

Great Career Path

We like good people to stay, so we offer bright futures. If you have your sights set on a glittering career you can expect 100% support for your ambition from Casna's Leadership Academy. Lots of our cleaning operatives have come up through the ranks to become Casna supervisors and managers.

Rewards and Recognition

Introduce a friend to Casna and we’ll give you a cash reward. Every month our ‘employees of the month’ are recognised with certificates of achievement and get a cash bonus or vouchers to spend. And every quarter you’ll have the chance to be named a Casna Star and get a special cash bonus.

Team Ethos

We think in teams and we work in teams. At Casna, we are all on the same side. Your side.

Nearly Forgot...

Five things we want from you ... a sunny disposition, a can-do attitude, being trustworthy, pride in appearance and passion for work. If you've got all of these then chances are we've got the job you're looking for. Apply now and find out.