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Cleaning Supervisor

This is Santigue in his real job, being a Supervisor. Just call him Mr Adaptability.  


Cleaning Supervisor

Santigue is one of our Supervisors, and reports directly into an Area Manager.

As a Supervisor, Santigue is in charge of the Assistant Supervisors, and Operatives at his client site, managing the diverse team and the operation on the ground.    

In a typical night Santigue allocates work duties, carries out routine inspections and does spot checks.  He needs to deal with any deficits or problems the second they arise, as well as look after stock control and all the other aspects of running a busy cleaning operation which sets perfection as the benchmark for success.

His team relies on him to be a good leader and he is. Being good with people is a pre-requisite for our Supervisors: Santigue looks after his staffs’ training and development needs, and is the first line of contact with our clients day to day.

We asked Santigue what qualifications he thought were needed to become a Casna Supervisor and he said you needed to be superbly practical and highly organised, with an eye for detail and excellent problem solving ability.

We’d like to add a passion for delivering exceptional levels of service.  

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