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Anna Mytnik

It's not often you meet a Capricorn with the natural balance of a Libra.

All about me

Matching the right people to the right positions is really important in any service business so we’ve given that task to the safest pair of hands we could find. Anna’s hands. With a BA in Business Psychology and a working knowledge of astrology she tends to be pretty good at sussing out what motivates people and how to help them succeed.

Anna (as you can see) is a pretty well balanced individual who doesn’t hesitate to get to the core of any problem. With the restaurant chain Ponti’s Group, Anna successfully developed from a Supervisor to Regional Manager. Now with Casna, Anna works closely with Maureen to manage recruitment and selection, advises line managers on HR and looks after the training and development portfolio across the company. It’s a very big job because we put a lot of emphasis on training and development.

We love her because she has perfect HR qualities - practicality, sociability and empathy… a typical Capricorn in fact.