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Alan Butcher

A man on a mission. Intrepid, fearless and determined. Maybe not the actual Superman but not far off.

All about me

This man is so multi talented it's almost scary. As a chef, he reached competition finals. As a manager he has ticked off Night, Front of House and Restaurant. As a Director he has been an Executive and an Operations Director, and then (displaying a neat economy with words) an Executive Operations Director for 2 separate organisations, leading  a team of circa 3,500 people each time.

Now Alan is with Casna, heading up the Housekeeping Division. With his experience of housekeeping provision to over 120 hotels in each of his past two jobs he is well placed to make sure Casna's clients get exactly the service they want, exactly how they want it and when.

He says he believes in a tailored service, perfectly suited. Don't say anything  but we'd already guessed as much from his appearance,